Not just an
hammam towel

Unique, top quality and 100% fairtrade


Lightweight for sauna and travel

Are you looking for beautiful hammam towels, bathrobes and other 'living' products with a good story? Then look no further.

100% COTTON - 100% FAIR TRADE  - 100% PASSION


Hammam towel

The ideal travel companion

Lightweight, compact and quick-drying. Take it with you on a trip, to the beach, in your backpack and to the sauna.

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Why ZusenZomer

Here at ZusenZomer, you can find a huge selection of beautiful hammam towels. Hammam towels have a wide variety of uses, serving as light-weight hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, wraps and baby blankets. Take them with you on holidays, boat trips and many other situations! A hammam towel or fouta weighs next to nothing and folds away neatly, taking up hardly any space in your suitcase or bag. Thanks to their absorbent cotton, they make ideal hand towels. And on top of all that, hammam towels dry out in no time! And last but not least: they aren’t just practical, but they also look great!