Questions about our towels

What is a hammam towel?

A hammam towel is a towel with fringes, usually made of cotton, and traditionally used in Turkish baths (hammams). Due to their special highly absorbent cotton, they are easy to use as wraps and they dry you off quickly. Afterwards, they dry rapidly. These days, hammam towels are used for all sorts of purposes. They are elegant, but also very light-weight, making them convenient for travel and for beach, boat or spa excursions, etc. The standard size of the towels is 100cm x 170cm, not including the fringes. Naturally, there are also other sizes (e.g. 100cm x 185cm /200 cm and our XL, 220cm x 170cm).

Can I also dry off easily with a hammam towel ?

Of course! No problem whatsoever! Hammam towels are made of absorbent cotton (comparable to hydrophilic cotton) which absorbs a lot of moisture.

Which towels are most suitable for taking on holidays and for use by the whole family?

In fact, all hammam towels, foutas and kikoys are perfect for use as light-weight holiday beach or bath towels. “Ibizar or Melodi” hammam towels are especially good for families, though you might also consider bringing along an extra long Sol hammam towel for good measure! Each family member can choose their favourite colour (especially when you consider how affordable they are)! Long foutas (190cm) are particularly suitable for men. In general, hammam towels are slightly more pliant, softer and lighter than foutas.

What is a fouta?

A fouta is a hammam towel from Tunisia. These towels are often slightly longer (190cm) than hammam towels. The fouta is made of absorbent cotton and is therefore ideal as a light-weight bath, hand or beach towel. It is also perfectly suitable for use as a wrap.

What is a kikoy?

A kikoy is a multi-purpose Kenyan cloth that can be used as a beach towel or wrap. Kikoys have two sides. On one side there is cotton (usually brightly coloured) and on the other, terrycloth. This feels pleasantly soft and is also excellent for drying off with. As with hammam towels, kikoys are multipurpose. They are somewhat shorter (length: 160 cm) and heavier than hammam towels.

How much do hammam towels weigh?

The weight of hammam towels varies per towel. Standard size hammam towels (100cm x 170cm) weigh between 250 and 300g. Our XL formats (Zomer and Storm) vary in weight from 500 to 560g. The weights of our hammam and other towels are indicated in their product descriptions.

How should I wash my towel?

The towels can be washed at 30-40°C. The cotton may shrink somewhat. Make sure that you wash coloured towels separately. Though tumble drying is possible, it will result in shrinkage due to high temperature. You are advised to wash your hammam towels and foutas before first use, to enable the cotton to absorb moisture better. Hammam towels dry off very quickly on your washing line and do not become ‘hard’ like normal towels. And the colours remain attractive, too! It is worth checking the fringes on your hammam towel(s) before washing for the first time, as all fringes are knotted by hand.

Do I need to iron my hammam towel or fouta?

No, that is not necessary. In fact, ironing your hammam towel or fouta reduces its absorbency. If you simply hang your hammam towel up on the washing line and fold it neatly afterwards, that will be sufficient.


Questions about our service

How do I place my order?

When you want to order a certain item, click on the ‘More info’ button. In the screen that follows, you can select the size, colour and quantity required. Then, click on ‘order’ and the item will be placed in your Shopping Cart.

Should you wish to know while shopping which items you have placed in your Shopping Cart, or you want to make changes, then click on ‘Shopping Cart’. When the order has been finalised, click on ‘Place your Order’. Enter your email address, name, billing and delivery address(es), and any further contact details in the relevant fields. As soon as you click on the ‘Place your Order’ button, your order will be placed with us. Your order items are then immediately reserved for you and can no longer be ordered by other customers. You will immediately receive an email order confirmation containing all the details of your order.

Is it also possible to pick up ordered items directly ?

Unfortunately this is generally not possible.

How do I pay?

After you have placed an order, you immediately receive an email confirmation, stating the total price, including delivery costs. Payment is made in advance and in a secure and reliable way. You can choose from among the following payment methods, which depends from which country you order with:

  • electronic payment via iDEAL (Netherlands). This is the quickest way! This secure payment method only applies if you possess an internet bank account.
  • online payment via Creditcard or PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay online securely and easily using your credit card.
  • for orders from outside the Netherlands, it is also possible to pay the order amount over to our bank account manually via your bank.
  • in Belgium, Mistercash is also possible.

Can I cancel or change an order once placed ?

In principle, once placed, orders cannot be cancelled or changed. ZusenZomer works closely with a logistics partner, meaning that all orders are processed immediately for dispatch. Only at weekends or during working days after 5 p.m. is it possible to cancel or change orders. In such cases, please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can take the necessary actions.  All order cancellations and changes are then confirmed by email. You will also be sent a message informing you of the return amount you are to receive.

What are the delivery costs?

For orders within the Netherlands and Belgium:

For the delivery of items within the Netherlands and Belgium, ZusenZomer charges €2.50 postage. No delivery costs are charged on orders of €35 or more.

Outside the Netherlands and Belgium:

For the rates for delivery to countries outside the Netherlands and Belgium, navigate to our How to Order page.

When is my order sent?

If you order before 8.30 p.m., your order will be dispatched on the same day (Netherlands only). In general this means that your order (to an address in the Netherlands) will be delivered to your home the next day. This does not apply to orders placed on Saturday or Sunday, because PostNL does not deliver parcels on Sunday or Monday. For orders with destinations beyond the Netherlands, delivery time is 2-4 working days.

Can I have my item delivered to a different address?

Yes. When placing your order, you can indicate a delivery address other than your home address.

Can I return my order?

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with an item you have ordered, it is possible to return it within fourteen calendar days of delivery. For further information, please refer to our Returns Procedure.

My discount or gift voucher code doesn’t work / Where can I enter my discount or gift voucher code?

You can enter your discount or gift voucher code in your Shopping Cart. At the lower left-hand side of the screen, there is a ‘gift voucher’ field. Click on ‘Enter’ and you see the discount appear automatically. Should the code not work, let us know and we will take steps to remedy the situation. Simply email your name, the code type (gift voucher or discount) and the actual code you have received to: info@ZusenZomer.com.

Who should I address any complaints, suggestions or comments to?

If you have any complaints, suggestions or comments about our products and/or service, please contact us by email at: info@ZusenZomer.com.