ZusenZomer - wholesaler in hammam towels and foutas

Are you the owner of a web-shop, retail store or beach club and would you like to sell our hammam towels? Or perhaps you run a sauna or wellness centre and would like to sell our hammam towels as sauna towels? That can be arranged. We supply these channels, but also beauty salons, massage studios and sports clubs/gyms. The hammam towel is a multipurpose product whose star is rapidly rising.

ZusenZomer is a wholesaler in hammam towels and foutas, meaning that retailers can buy from us with ease. We are constantly updating and improving our collection. Our range of hammam towels, foutas and kikoys is very broad and includes many unique designs. In addition we offer attractive profit margins to retailers and keep delivery costs as low as possible.


Special requirements: embroidered logo, your own design or gift for business relations

We can also have hammam towels with logos or special designs made. There is a wide range of possibilities and we are happy to discuss any ideas you might have. Send us an email and we will inform you of the options as quickly as possible.If you want to know more about our collection, prices and terms & conditions, please enter your contact details below. We promise to respond within 24 hours.

Hammam towel as Christmas gift or original gift for business or other relations

A hammam beach towel makes a beautiful yet practical present to surprise one and all. Each year we provide hammam towels, foutas and kikoys to a broad range of organisations as Christmas gifts. With its silver thread, the Oester (Oyster) hammam towel is the most popular! Beautifully packaged in organza, with a card.

Tip: combine with other hammam or spa accessories from our shop.

Naturally, you can also have a logo and/or text printed or embroidered on your hammam towel. We are happy to brainstorm with you to achieve the most stylish and practical solution! We have extensive experience in providing such advice. Working closely with our manufacturing partners means much is possible and we can adjust quickly to your requirements. We also ensure that your hammam towels are delivered on time. In recent years, we have always received very enthusiastic and positive responses from the organisations we have supplied.

Contact us at: info@zusenzomer.nl and you will be pleasantly surprised at our competitive prices!

Believe us: our hammam towels are definitely within your business’s available budget!