Hammam towels: a wise and convenient choice!

Hammam towels originally come from Turkey, where they are used in Turkish baths (hammams). There they are used as drying towels and wraps, and are also referred to as pestemal or fouta. Apart from their use as sauna towels, they are also ideal for the beach, travelling or campsite and on your boat, at the swimming pool or at the gym or sports club, yoga class. Turkish hammam towels are light-weight, take up little space, dry well and are easy to wash. And naturally, they’re very beautiful. So there’s no need to carry bulky towels around with you anymore!

Hammam towels are also ideal for babies. They are great for drying off or wrapping up the little ones. They can also be used as baby sheets or summer blankets.


hammam towels -turkish beach towels- how to use

Ways to enjoy your hammam towel even more!

  • Do not wash your fouta at high temperatures. Wash at max. 40ºC. Otherwise the cotton will shrink.
  • Use little or no fabric softener. As with ordinary towels, softener makes foutas less absorbent.
  • Wash colours separately, with a small dash of vinegar. This ensures that your fouta maintains its colour and is also good for your washing machine (reduces lime scale)!
  • Avoid drying your fouta in the tumble dryer, as this causes additional shrinkage. Hang your fouta out to dry only briefly. After all, they dry in no time!
  • Do not iron your fouta. Hanging it out on the washing line and then folding it up neatly is sufficient! Ironing makes foutas less absorbent.


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