Fouta: the ideal beach towel for holidays, yoga, the sauna and ...

MUCH MUCH MORE! The fouta is a traditional drying towel which originally comes from North Africa. Fouta is the Arabic word for bath towel. We also refer to hammam towels or pestemals. The fouta is so useful that once you’ve tried one, you’ll no longer want to be without it! Despite their generous length of almost 2 metres, they are still light and compact. Making them easily portable in your beach, sports, swimming or travel bag. Because of their special absorbent cotton, foutas are suitable for use as hand towels. And once you’re finished with them, they dry off much quicker than ordinary bath or beach towels! A further advantage is that sand does not get stuck in their fabric!

Foutas are always useful

The fouta is also great as a blanket to wrap your baby in. But it can also be used as a baby sheet or summer coverlet. The fouta is generously sized at 1 metre wide by almost 2 metres long. Thanks to this, the fouta also makes a great tablecloth to brighten up your garden table! And you can always bring your fouta to your yoga or Pilates class too!

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ZusenZomer collection

We are continuously updating our range of foutas and hammam towels. As well as standard models, ZusenZomer stocks its own beautiful exclusive designs. Quality and originality are of the utmost importance to us. ZusenZomer selects the finest materials (yarns and dyeing process) and as a result, our foutas look great for a long time and can be used in various ways! Return frequently to our web-shop to discover the newest models, colours and sizes!

Foutas from Tunesia

We work closely with weaving mills in Tunisia. These mills are small-scale businesses which provide work to both men and women in a number of villages. Men operate the looms and women do the other manual work. Foutas are craft-woven in a traditional way. The women ensure that the foutas are finished to a high standard and that they arrive neatly packed in the Netherlands. ZusenZomer ensures that a fair price is paid, so that everybody profits from our products.

Ways to enjoy your fouta even more!?

  • Do not wash your fouta at high temperatures. Wash at max. 30ºC. Otherwise the cotton will shrink.
  • Use little or no fabric softener. As with ordinary towels, softener makes foutas less absorbent.
  • Wash colours separately, with a small dash of vinegar. This ensures that your fouta maintains its colour and is also good for your washing machine (reduces lime scale)!
  • Avoid drying your fouta in the tumble dryer, as this causes additional shrinkage. Hang your fouta out to dry only briefly. After all, they dry in no time!
  • Do not iron your fouta. Hanging it out on the washing line and then folding it up neatly is sufficient! Ironing makes foutas less absorbent.