KIKOY: colourful terrycloth beach towels!

Kikoys are beautifully woven colourful cloths from Kenya with a terrycloth reverse side. Perfect as beach towels, but also suitable for use as wraps. In fact, Kikoy actually means ‘wrap’. In Kenya and Tanzania, kikoys are worn by both men and women. Wrap your kikoy around your hips and then make a couple of outward rolls at your waist in order to keep it in place. 

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Light-weight beach towels

Kikoys can be used as light-weight beach or bath towels. They are thicker than hammam towels and foutas, but still thinner and lighter than normal hand towels! Handy for holiday use and for beach, swimming pool and sauna visits, as well as other leisure activities!!
Composition: (front) 100% cotton, (reverse) polyester/cotton. Size: 100cm x 160cm.
Wash at 40°Celsius. Avoid tumble drying, as this will cause your kikoy to shrink!

Is the kikoy beach towel slightly beyond your budget?

ZusenZomer also has an amazing alternative to the Kikoy. Without exaggeration, we can tell you that the Anemon hammam towel hamamdoek Anemon is a real eye-catcher. This hammam towel is bigger and lighter than the kikoy, but just as colourful, and has a wonderful shine due to its combed cotton. Very luxurious, and with delightful fringes. Just like the kikoy, this hammam towel has two distinct sides, having been woven twice.  And you can only find these beach towels at ZusenZomer!

ZusenZomer Kikoy: hand-crafted quality and just that bit more attractive.

The ZusenZomer web-shop stocks only special and unique styles and colours.  ZusenZomer’s kikoys are guaranteed ‘Made in Kenya’. And we pay a fair price.

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