Our hammam towels and hammam bathrobes have become more expensive?

Yes, that's right. Unfortunately, we can't escape it. Prices are rising on all fronts. And why is that? We would like to explain it.

High inflation makes everything more expensive

We produce in Turkey and Tunisia and there are all kinds of domestic economic developments that affect prices. There is high inflation, which has increased all domestic raw materials, electricity and gas, but also labour costs. For example, energy prices in Turkey have risen by 150% in recent months. Certainly in Turkey, this is currently dramatic for the general population. The prices for their daily groceries are getting more expensive by the week. Also, small entrepreneurs can almost no longer pay the bill for electricity. The government therefore increased the minimum wage by 50% at the beginning of the year. That's huge!

ZusenZomer offers support to the small weaving mills

Because we as ZusenZomer pay in euros, our suppliers can still absorb that to some extent.  We also find it important that, as a partner of our suppliers, we jointly bear the burden. They are small family businesses in Tunisia and Turkey and they desperately need our support to survive.

Rising cotton prices

In addition to these increases that affect the production process of our hammam towels, we have to deal with the cost of cotton. Cotton prices have gone through the roof on the world market. This was already the case last year, but the increases are not stopping yet. This is partly due to poor harvests and the purchase of cotton by China. The cotton is paid for in dollars or euros, so our purchase of bathrobes, kimonos and hammam towels immediately becomes more expensive. Add to that the rising costs for freight traffic and the picture is complete.

Let's hope for better times

Unfortunately. We want to pay a fair price for our beautiful hammam towels and hammam bathrobes and therefore we cannot stick to our previous prices. Let's hope for better times!