More Africa Foundation was set up by our own Dutch Ellen Beers. She captures disabled children in a school set up by her on Zanzibar. She offers day care and physiotherapy to these children who normally fall completely between a rock and a hard place. The love and dedication is a splash. We saw and felt that when we visited. Ellen is step by step renovating the site. During the tour we were impressed by the creativity and the energy that is put into it. There is already a nice kitchen with a cozy terrace. The swimming pool is in the making. Great addition to the physio exercises. The planted fruit trees provide fresh fruit. There are chickens and ducks. Apartments are being built for the trainees. And there are plans for a nice playground, volleyball court, a vegetable garden and a cozy fire pit. The children are picked up daily from their parents and brought back home in the afternoon. They are taught in a playful way at school and the children who need it get physiotherapy. In addition to Ellen there are the interns with a suitable education that help with this.

Because we buy the bags and wallets, we help More-Africa. The bags are made of traditional African Kanga fabric and sewn together by a local company. The beach bags are super easy to take with you on holiday. Nice and compact and light and yet strong and handy with the zippers! And also fun: very economical. We do not make any profit at all. The wallets are extra lined. You can also put in your glasses or your mobile for example. The more we sell, the more More Africa can offer help.