About us

ZusenZomer is a Dutch webshop, established in 2010. The name ZusenZomer means ‘Sister and Summer’ because we - Martine and Petra Siebelink - are sisters who run this web-shop together.

We’ve enjoyed introducing hammam towels to the Dutch market, and have even managed to make quite a success of it. We now supply a large number of shops, including major store chains such as Bever Sport (25 shops) and Transavia (a major Dutch airline company). That’s something we’re extremely proud of. Our current ambition is to develop the ZusenZomer brand internationally.

Hammam towels

Also known as pestemal or fouta. We work closely with small-scale weaving mills in Turkey and Tunisia. These artisanal weaving mills continue to use many traditional manufacturing methods, as if time has stood still. Our partnerships allow us to keep a close eye on the quality of our hammam towels and to be very flexible with our collection. New colours, sizes and qualities frequently appear in the collection, in harmony with the seasons and latest trends.

Fair Trade - We pay a fair price

We find it very important to cooperate with our weaving partners in a harmonious way. The production of hammam towels and foutas requires a lot of labour and women make up a large part of the workforce. We pay a fair price, ensuring that everyone involved in the production of the goods sold in our web-shop can live in dignity, and that you can purchase ethically.

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It is of the utmost importance to us that you are satisfied with our products. Therefore, we do everything possible to provide the very best service. We do this by providing you with all the help you need during the ordering process, and through our fast and efficient delivery.


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